What Makes Shark Vacuums So Popular?

With so many vacuum and home appliance companies, like Bissell and Hoover, having been around for more than 100 years, it’s a tough market for new vacuum cleaner companies, like Shark, to make enough headway to become a top selling brand of vacuums. Despite this, the brand Shark has become popularly known as a name that represents quality and time-honored reputation. As such, Shark is making waves in the ocean of home care appliances, and we’re all noticing. Let’s take a closer look into why Shark, one of the newer vacuum appliance companies, has become known as a top-quality home appliance manufacturer.

shark vacuums
Shark is one of the industry leaders in innovation and functionality when it comes to vacuum cleaners.

Leading in the Innovation of Home Care

Shark is a house-care brand developed by SharkNinja Operating LLC, who specializes in making small home appliances and cleaning solutions for people with busy lifestyles. Shark is mainly a line of vacuum cleaning appliances and Ninja is mainly blenders. SharkNinja was first born in Montreal, Canada in 1995, focused on providing innovative, highly functional products like high-quality at-home coffee systems, and of course, cutting-edge, marketing-leading vacuums. SharkNinja’s products have had such a huge positive impact on the lives and homes of everyday people. As a result, they have managed to carve out a significant market share of the home care industry and becoming a leading company, despite the fact that this competitor is still fairly new.

One of the Fastest Growing Companies in North America

Again, despite this home care company being younger and newer than most of its competitors, SharkNinja is recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the 5000 fastest-growing companies in North America. Once recently held by Dyson, Shark is now the current market leader in vacuum cleaners, totally knocking Dyson down a peg in the competition of modern vacuum technology innovation. Within the organization, the people at Shark believe that they’re growing like crazy because they’re crazy-passionate about what they do. They’re popular because they engineer cutting-edge, easy-to-use technology, while fostering an environment for breakthrough and forward thinkers. Once a humble office in Eastern Canada, Shark has already grown to have offices in the U.S., the U.K. and China.

Marketing Done Right

According to some, one of the reasons why Shark skyrocketed to popularity was excellent marketing strategies. Another was product development with the right target markets in mind. Even though Shark hasn’t been around that long, they already have a decent range of home cleaning products for every type of consumer and home. Each vacuum model is designed thoughtfully to suit its consumer type, and it is marketed just as appropriately. Their effective use of marketing has created widespread awareness of their superior vacuum cleaning products, all over the world.

It’s a Family-Owned Business

The family that started SharkNinja back in Canada 1995 still has it, with their third-generation heir leading the company as the current CEO, Mark Rosenzweig. Why does this matter? Because that tells us that Shark is a family company, and that makes them appealing to many families and modern households. Like Bissell, another long-standing family-owned company, there’s something super trustworthy about seeing a family business thrive in the arena of serving the needs of other families. This is probably another big, subconscious reason why we like Shark vacuums so much.

The Shark Product Line-Up

Shark has an impressive line of products for its young company age, and they work so well, they’ve revolutionized the home care industry. Currently, Shark offers upright vacuums, stick & cordless vacuums, robotic vacuums, steam mops and garment care appliances. Here are a few of the most popular and loved ones in today’s market.

1) Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away

This vacuum cleaner model was first introduced in 2012 and quickly became a top loved vacuum cleaner for any size home. One of its highlight features is its 3-in-1 versatile design that allows it to remove the canister to convert from an upright vacuum to a canister vacuum to a hand vacuum. It has great suction power and high usability, featuring swivel steering for using the vacuum one-handed, a HEPA filter for improved air quality, an ergonomic handle for balanced carrying and a low profile for cleaning under furniture. It also comes with a crevice tool, dusting brush, upholstery tool, canister caddy, powered pet brush, multi-tool and a multi-angle dusting brush. All of that plus a 5 year warranty makes the Shark Rotator Pro one deal worth the extra few bucks.

2) Shark Navigator Lift Away Professional

A bit cheaper than the Shark Rotator, the Shark Navigator is a lighter upright vacuum that gets the job done for a lower cost, and it has better tools for picking up pet hair. This, too, comes with a HEPA filter that washable and lifetime-lasting. It can clean both carpeted floors and hard floor surfaces with its easy on/off brushroll function, and its patented Dust Away attachment superbly deep cleans your hardwood, linoleum and tile floors. It works with a microfiber pad attached to the hard-floor cleaning head to capture as much dust and dirt as possible. It also comes with crevice tools, dusting broom, pet power brush, attachment head for hard surfaces, and two microfiber pads. When comparing the Shark Rotator vs Navigator, the Rotator has more to offer for a higher price, and for a slightly lower price, the Navigator can still get the job with fewer flashy tricks.

3) Shark Rocket Ultra Light Upright

This one is a stick vacuum that is excellent for picking up pet hair from carpet. Just like the Lift-Away models, this special stick vacuum converts into a hand vacuum for easy spot cleaning, stair cleaning or maintaining your car’s interior. It doesn’t feature a setting for turning the brushroll off, however, so it doesn’t do as excellently on hard floors as it does on carpet. It does have amazingly high suction power for a stick vac, though, this one doesn’t use HEPA filtration like the Shark Rotator or the Shark Navigator, so it might not be the best for allergy sufferers. On the other hand, it does come with a few good accessories, like a crevice tool, dusting brush, car detail kit, pet upholstery tool, dust away hard floor attachment, accessory bag and a wall mount for storage. It also uses swivel steering for maximum movement with minimum effort, making it extremely easy to use. This one is great for people looking for something ultralightweight, easy to maintain and great for picking up pet hairs from carpet.