How To Clean Carpet With Your Own Homemade Liquid Cleaning Products

Since the revolutionizing and life-changing introduction of the vacuum cleaner, a home care appliance designed for super suction cleaning, there have been many modifications and augmentations that have occurred to alter the experience of vacuuming. We no longer use the simple manual carpet cleaner by Bissell, but today uses steam cleaners, deep cleaners, hand vacs […]

Unfinished Wood Floors: How to Clean them and How Not to

No matter how modern our world becomes, there are some things that will always be a classic, such as the rustic beauty that an unfinished wood floor can add to your home. However, such an aesthetic luxury is not without its cost. Unfinished wooden floor surfaces are extremely tedious and even difficult to clean. Without […]

How to Get Rid of Fleas from Your Carpet

No matter how you try to clean your carpet, there are some messes and problems that can’t be solved with a few passes of the vacuum, even if you have the most powerful vacuum on the market. Fleas are one such problem because unlike dead dirt and bacteria that can be swept away and discarded, […]

How to Remove Candle Wax from Carpet

When it comes to carpet cleaning, many of us automatically think of a vacuum cleaner or some other kind of deep cleaning appliance that has the ability to draw dirt and dust from being embedded in the pile. However, there are some messes that don’t clean up as simply with the flick of a switch […]