Dirt Devil Dynamite Review

My husband and I decided to buy a new vacuum cleaner. We were shocked to learn how many cleaners there were, as well as how much some of these vacuums cost! We were determined to find a vacuum cleaner that would work well while also fitting within our budget. Upon finding the Dirt Devil Dynamite we knew this was the vacuum cleaner we had to have.

dirt devil dynamite
Dirt Devil Dynamite Light and Powerful Vacuum Cleaner that won’t break the bank.

Small and Affordable Vacuum Cleaner

The Dirt Devil Dynamite Bagless Upright with On-Board Tools offer so much for so little. It isn’t often you hear someone say they want to buy something that sucks, but we did, and boy did this cleaner suck! I have never seen such effective cleaning performance from such a small, affordable piece of equipment.

The Dynamite is designed to work on carpets as well as bare floors. Since both are inside of our home this is a feature that I truly enjoyed. The cleaner features Dynapower Technology. This technology ensures that powerful suction is yours time and time again. And, so far, so good. I’ve not been a bit disappointed with the cleaner and it’s amazing ability to clean all of the floors inside of my home.

Dirt Devil Dynamite Features

The Dirt Devil Dynamite is built-tough and made to last. It is compact, measuring only  11×10.5×43 as well as lightweight so that anyone can easily maneuver the cleaner around their home with ease. The vacuum cleaner weighs less than nine pounds! You heard it right, less than 9 pounds! Appearances can be deceiving, and this cleaner proves it. It looks like one big, mean machine when truth be told it is lightweight and maneuverable.

The Dynamite vacuum cleaner is equipped with a HEPA filtration system. This HEPA filter is great for allergy and asthma suffered as it traps up to 99.9% of airborne allergens in the dirt container. The canister is clear and one can easily see inside of it, knowing when it is time to empty the dirt and debris that have accumulated inside.

The Dynamite features a 7 amp motor. Some may think this isn’t enough power to sufficiently clean, but this vacuum begs to differ. Each and every time I use the Dynamite I am pleased with its cleaning power. It never lets me down!

I truly appreciate the extra-long cord that is offered on the vacuum. With previous cleaners it seems that I was stopping and starting more than I was cleaning.  The power cord on this vacuum is 25 inches long! Even the largest of rooms can be easily cleaned with this cord.

Plenty of accessories are on-board this cleaner. The vacuum hose, located behind the cleaner, is easily accessible when those hard to reach areas come about. It is stretchable so that you can reach more areas without having to move around. Other accessories offered with the vacuum include an extension wand, dusting brush and a crevice tool. I enjoy being able to grab the accessory that I need to clean stairs, in between the couch cushions and even the curtains hanging inside of my home.

One of the coolest features of the Dirt Devil Dynamite is the ClickLock feature. ClickLock allows you to release the metal handle and slide it down so that it totally disappears. The vacuum can be used this way should your cleaning needs require it, but it also makes it much easier to store inside of any cleaning closet. In a home with limited closet space, I enjoy being able to click and release and have more room for the cleaner.

I must admit that I do not enjoy cleaning. My husband often tells me that I look like I am ready for war when I bring out the vacuum cleaner, sweeping it across the floors in a mean way. I bump couches, I bump tables and anything else that gets in my way. But now that I have the Dirt Devil Dynamite I find it to be less stress in my life and no longer am I applying for drill sergeant position.  The Scuff Guard Bumper with Scatter Guard Nozzle is a feature I have to thank for this. There are no scratches on my vacuum no matter how many things are in my path as I clean. My walls are still in tip-top shape, too!

Since the vacuum is bagless there are no extra expenses to the cleaner. No bag also makes the vacuum easy to clean by simply emptying the canister.  And, the canister is easy to remove and replace, unlike some of the vacuums I’ve owned in the past.

A two-year warranty is offered with the vacuum. This warranty includes both parts and labor. A vacuum cleaner at such an amazing price and with a two-year warranty is absolutely unbelievable to me, but I have first-hand knowledge that it truly is what it is!

What Are Others Saying About The Dirt Devil Dynamite?

Amazon customers were more than happy with the price, performance and suction of this vacuum cleaner. Those who purchased the vacuum cleaner gave it a 4.1 out of 5 stars. Here are a few things that they had to say about the vacuum.

  • “If you want to be happy and not spend a lot of money…buy one!”
  • “Performs way above price.”
  • “Lightweight, powerful and works well on carpets.”
  • “This vacuum cleaner and matching steam mop are beyond belief.”
  • “It picks up dirt like gangbusters.”

Where To Find More Dirt Devil Dynamite Reviews

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Where To Buy The Dirt Devil Dynamite

Amazon is the number one place to buy the Dirt Devil Dynamite. They offer the best price for the vacuum cleaner as well as free shipping, making the Dynamite an unbelievable deal. When you’re ready to add a charming vacuum cleaner to your life go to to Amazon to make your purchase.