The SEBO X5 Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

If you are in the market to splurge on a great vacuum cleaner, why waste your money on a machine that isn’t going to perform well enough to represent the money that was spent on the vacuum? It can be hard to determine the best vacuum cleaner as there are so many different brands and models to choose from, so how is it possible to ensure you are making a wise decision when purchasing your vacuum? After endless amounts of research was spent to find the best upscale vacuum cleaner, there has been one to pass each and every test. That vacuum cleaner is the SEBO 9580AM X5 and if you are looking for a cleaner that will perform as well as it did on day one five years down the road, there is not a better vacuum for your money. In our SEBO X5 vacuum reviews, you will find out why.

sebo x5 vacuum review
Sebo X5 – Last Vacuum Cleaner You’ll Buy! With powerful suction.

Vacuum Cleaning At Its Best: Features Of The SEBO 9580AM X5 Vacuum Cleaner

When it is a state-of-the art machine that has it all you are looking for, the X5 from SEBO is the perfect option. It is the most technically advanced vacuum cleaner that you will find- anywhere in the world! It is capable of handling small and large messes on the carpet and hard floors so it is the one and only vacuum you’ll need in your home.

The electronic controller measures the resistance of the brush roller against the floor. The “brain” of the machine then determines how much it needs to be adjusted, how much power to offer and more to ensure that every single piece of dirt is removed from your floor. The controller system doesn’t stop there, however, and also provide a warning system that alerts the user of problems such as full bags, brush obstructions, clogs and more. It will automatically shut the vacuum cleaner off so not to cause any additional damage to the motor or belts.

The X5 cleaner from SEBO comes with a instant-use cleaning wand and suction hose. These two accessories can easily be pulled out of the machine to tackle even the hardest-to-reach of areas. Together the tools offer an amazing 8-foot reach! Use the tools to get in between the cushions on the sofa, to clean the curtains and furniture or even on the stairs.

The SEBO X5 vacuum cleaner is 15- inches wide offering a cleaning path of 14 ½ inches. The automatic height adjustment feature allows you to go from hard floors to carpet with ease. The electronic controller automatically adjusts so that the best in cleaning performance is always yours.

When was the last time that you saw a vacuum cleaner that cared about your floors? The SEBO X5 offers rubber-coated protective wheels. No matter the type of flooring you have these wheels ensure that the vacuum maneuvers the way that it should be without causing any damage to your home.

The SEBO vacuum cleaner is approved by the British Allergy and Asthma Foundation as being a safe vacuum for use. The vacuum cleaner is made in Germany.

No, SEBO isn’t through impressing you with the X5. Wouldn’t it be nice to know when the bristles on the vacuum are old and worn, ready for replacing? Worn-out bristles cause less-effective cleaning, after all. The X5 alerts you when it is time to  be replaced, with a “check brush” warning light that will stay lit while the vacuum is being used.

You used to be amazed at a 12-foot cord attached to a vacuum cleaner. How would you feel knowing the SEBO X5 vacuum offers a 40-foot cord? You can clean multiple rooms without the need to stop with this extra-long cord. Find another vacuum that can provide this to you! Simply the best all-around vacuum cleaner you could ever want or need.

The SEBO X5 is a bagged vacuum cleaner, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. SEBO uses only the top bags available in a cleaner. They offer three and four-layer protection. These bags can hold all dirt that is captured inside of the machine. The bags also ensure that the X5 is always suctioning to the fullest power.

If you have pets inside of the home, the SEBO X5 vacuum cleaner is a definite addition you can appreciate. This cleaner showed powerful suction against even the longest, ground in pet hair on furniture and floors. You’ll get powerful suction for a beautifully clean home, even if you own a pet!

Using the SEBO X5 vacuum cleaner means you are purchasing one of the last cleaners you’ll ever need to own. Take care of your machine and a lifespan of 10 to 15 years can be yours! That’s a very long time for a vacuum cleaner to last! In fact, it is the lifespan of 6 “traditional” vacuum cleaners.

There is a five-year warranty on the motor as well as labor charges. There is also a lifetime warranty on the belt included with the vacuum cleaner.

What’s In The Box?

  • SEBO 9580AM X5  vacuum cleaner
  • Instant use Wand and Suction Hose
  • Three Full-Size On-board Tools
  • Product Registration Card
  • Warranty Information
  • Owner’s Manual

Is There A Warranty?

A 5-year warranty is included with the purchase of the SEBO 9580AM X5 vacuum cleaner. This 5-year warranty includes both parts and labor, providing you with repair or replacement should any problems arises out of your vacuum cleaner.

What Do Others Say About The SEBO 9580AM X5 Upright Vacuum Cleaner?

Amazon customers rated the SEBO vacuum cleaner with a 4.2 out of a possible 5 stars. They all had many wonderful things to say about the SEBO cleaner. Take a look at some of the reviews posted.

  • “This is the best vacuum I have ever owned.”
  • “I remember the guys telling me this was the Mercedes of vacuums.”
  • “Outstanding in every way.”

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Where To Buy The SEBO 9580AM X5 Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Some things in life are just worth the money. One of those things is this amazing vacuum cleaner. With such outstanding features and benefits you are surely ready to buy that big-ticket item of the year and purchase this vacuum cleaner! With so much to love who can blame you? Go ahead and click here and make that desire yours. The SEBO cleaner can be purchased with one click to Amazon, where the best price awaits you. Along with fantastic pricing Amazon offers shoppers free shipping with their order. In a matter of a few days your beautiful new vacuum cleaner will arrive at your home, all at no costs to you!

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