Panasonic MC-CL310 Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review

I had been wanting to purchase a vacuum cleaner for some time, but remember thinking that I did not want to go through the hassle of buying four or five machines before finding one that would really work. So, I decided that it was time to do something about it. I went on a search to find the best vacuum for my dollar, one that would last me longer than two or three cleanings. I found that when I stumbled upon the Panasonic MC-CL310 canister vacuum cleaner. I reviewed dozens of different canister vacuum cleaners to determine that this is the vacuum cleaner I wanted. I purchased the vacuum and the rest is history! I am in love with a vacuum cleaner.

panasonic mc cl310 canister vacuum cleaner
Panasonic MC-CL310 Canister Vacuum is the perfect vacuum for bare floors!

As Perfect As They Come

Think there is no perfect vacuum cleaner out there? The Panasonic MC-CL310 canister vacuum cleaner is ready to put that to the challenge. A compact yet powerful canister cleaner, it measures about 9.5x11x15.5 inches and weighs only 15 pounds! Whether you are trying to clean a hard-floor or a thick carpet, this vacuum cleaner offers near-perfect cleaning time and time again.

Inside of the Panasonic MC-CL310 canister vacuum cleaner you will find a HEPA filter. The HEPA filter captures all of the tiny particles that can seep into the air when vacuuming the carpets, including allergens and pollutants. It makes it a vacuum cleaner that even those who suffer from allergies and asthma can appreciate.

On-Board Tools And Attachments

You will find a number of on-board tools with the Panasonic vacuum cleaner. These tools are easily removable and suitable for use in many different areas of the home. The floor nozzle is a great on-board tool that works wonders on hard floors. The included dusting brush is extra-special as it allows you to clean lampshades, tables and more. A crevice tool is included as well. With the crevice tool you can easily reach the hard-to-reach areas in the home such as in-between couch cushions and pet hair. Using the on-board tools that come with the Panasonic vacuum cleaner really make your life easier.

Another cool attachment offered with this vacuum cleaner is the Edge Grabber attachment. This attachment cleans the areas that most vacuum cleaner miss, along the baseboards of the floor. The unique shape of the Edge Grabber makes it easy to reach all areas with no worries, offering powerful suction that quickly removes the dirt and debris.

Many Other Amazing Features

A powerful 11-amp motor is featured in the Panasonic MC-Cl310 canister vacuum cleaner. The motor is powerful yet seemingly quite. You can always count on the 11-amps to provide you strong suction cleaning after cleaning.

Do you hate putting bags in your vacuum cleaner and taking them out when they are full? All of that is a thing of the past with the Panasonic vacuum cleaner. The bagless design makes it easy to clean all day long and never get your hands dirty emptying messy bags again. The bagless design also saves you money since there is nothing more to buy to use your vacuum cleaner.

Two of my favorite things about this bagless vacuum cleaner is the 360 degree swivel hose and the automatic cord reel. The swivel hose makes cleaning so much easier. You can easily clean anywhere, any spot, any time without worrying that your are tangling cords or getting them twisted up. The automatic cord real is a godsend to me. I seem to fight with cords more than I clean the floors, but now, an easy push of the button and the hard work is done for me. It is the small things that really matter the most in a vacuum cleaner!

You can also use this Panasonic canister vac inside of the car! The cord detaches so you can easily swoop up all of those messes left behind in the car with ease .When you buy the Panasonic you will never need to pay $1 to vacuum at the shop again!

Is There A Warranty?

There is a limited warranty included with the Panasonic canister vac. This warranty extends for one-year from the date of purchase and includes parts and labor. If the vacuum should fail you within this time period a repair or replacement is offered.

How Much Does The Panasonic MC-CL310 Canister Vac Cost?

Amazon has the best price for the Panasonic canister vacuum cleaner. You should never pay more than $5o for this powerful little machine. Shopping at Amazon will ensure that you never pay more than you should for your Panasonic vacuum cleaner.

What Are Others Saying About The Panasonic Canister Vac?

Amazon gives this vacuum cleaner a 4-star rating out of a possible 5. Many reviews are offered on the website, with many positive remarks concerning the Panasonic canister vac. Take a look at a few of the reviews offered on Amazon.

  • “The God sent, most efficient vacuum that works perfectly both on floors and carpets!”
  • “Small but powerful.”
  • “This vacuum is perfect for my small apartment.”
  • “Great little vacuum that takes the work out of cleaning.”
  • “This vacuum is wonderful. Lightweight and easy to handle, and the performance is just as good as my expensive vacuum.”

As you can see there are great things being said right now on Amazon. If you are interested in reading more reviews and seeing what many others had to say about the vacuum cleaner, click here and you will be taken directly to Amazon reviews of the Panasonic canister vacuum cleaner.

Where To Buy The Panasonic MC-CL310 Canister Vacuum Cleaner

When you are ready to find the “perfect cleaning” for your home click here to place your order for the Panasonic MC-CL310 canister vacuum cleaner. You will be directed to amazon where the lowest prices for the vacuum cleaner can be found. In addition to the lowest price for the vacuum Amazon offers free shipping with your purchase. Free shipping is an awesome deal that can save sometimes almost as much money as the cleaner itself.