The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners in 2020 Compared

If you’re the kind of person who likes a clean house but doesn’t have the time to do the daily cleaning yourself, you might want to think about getting a robot vacuum. They’re smart, great to use for scheduled maintenance and room-to-room floor cleaning. Plus, it saves you time. Thanks to modern technology, you have a league of choices to select from. Here are some reviews the best robot vacuum cleaners in 2019, to help you make a choice on the best one to buy for your money.

best robot vacuum cleaner 2019
Robot vacuums are smart, great to use for scheduled maintenance and room-to-room floor cleaning. Plus, it saves you time.

Neato Botvac 945-0205

Considered by many as one of the best robot vacuums on the 2019 market, this robotic vacuum is a great buy all around – for full performance, convenience, features, warranty and overall usability. When this product was tested, it was found to be extremely agile and had best suction power on hard floors. Though it didn’t fare as well on carpet, it still did a better job than most other robot vacuums. Charging for a minimal time of only 3 hours, its run-time of 2 hours is all this smart vacuum needs to utilize its multiroom navigation, cleaning all the floors in your house.

The system is easy to control via the smartphone app, where you can create scheduled cleanings, boundary markers, and more. Plus, it comes with a lot of other cool features, like a bristle brush, flexible brush, a bumper and an easy-to-read LCD digital screen, so you always know what’s going on. Considering this robot vacuum cleaner sells for a high price of $699.00, it ought to come with great features, a warranty, and ease-of-use, which the Neato Botvac does.

Best for: Perfectly cleaning hard floors.

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Samsung POWERbot R7070

Priced on Amazon at $599, this robot vacuum cleaner sits near the top of the list for best smart power vacuums on the market. Its performance on carpet is even better than the Neato Botvac, and its suction power leaves your room floor virtually debris- and dust-free, which makes it a great product choice if you have a lot of pet hair on your carpet floor. While the Samsung POWERbot ranks a bit low in maneuverability and only three-quarters of run-time (90 minutes), in comparison to Neato Botvac, this power vacuum makes less noise and has a charge time of just 160 minutes to reach full power.

You can control the Samsung POWERbot with the smartphone app or a remote control, and it comes with a roll of special tape to use as boundary markers. However, many users report that this smart home cleaner isn’t too easy to use, and having a bulkier design than the Neato Botvac, it tends to get stuck around certain kinds of furniture, like coffee tables. The app allows you to set your robovac to clean at scheduled times, so you can have it clean while your away.

Best for: Powerful suction for the best carpet-cleaning performance.

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iRobot Roomba 980

The Roomba 980 by iRobot has been rated one of the top best smart home appliances. It cleans relatively well in comparison to the Neato Botvac and the Samsung POWERbot, but its most standout feature is its self-sufficiency. Priced a bit high, at $845, the Roomba’s agility, coupled with its camera for navigation, allows it to clean the nooks and corners of your floor, without getting stuck or stopping.

Unlike other robot vacuum cleaners, the Roomba features a “resume” function that allows it to automatically return where it left off cleaning after it has been recharged. Other robot vacuums require human assistance to begin cleaning again once the battery life has been drained and charged back to full. Its run-time is 2 hours, taking only 160 minutes to charge. It features multiroom navigation, scheduled cleanings, HEPA filtration (ideal for people with health concerns) and a “carpet boost” feature for carpet cleaning. and it can be operated by a smartphone app, thanks to the requests of the many iRobot product users.

While its price may be a bit high, iRobot Roomba also comes in the 960 model, which is exactly like the 980, but without the carpet boost feature, at just under $700. Considering that this smart home vacuum cleaner is quite capable of cleaning a full house without human assistance, it is a great buy for people who want their floor cleaning done while they’re away.

Best for: Automated, total-home floor cleaning without human assistance/supervision; for people who prefer a HEPA filter.

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iRobot Roomba 650

Far less in price than its competitors, the iRobot Roomba 650 is a great buy at only $289. Despite its low price, this high-quality robotic vacuum cleaner does a great job for the money. It has superior suction power and agility, with multiroom navigation, scheduled cleanings, dirt sensors and returns to its charging dock, just like the higher priced vacuums. So, what gives with its low price? The 650 is not too high tech and doesn’t feature a digital display, nor does it have an app for your smartphone or remote control to program It either, making it difficult for users to fine-tune their preferences.

Nonetheless, the iRobot Roomba is tested and proven for its excellent navigation and ability to transition between floor surfaces. It also comes with a virtual wall. This makes it great for leaving in the house to take care of the floor cleaning, without worrying that you will come home to find it stuck in a corner somewhere. Its run-time is only an hour, and it takes 160 minutes to charge. While you could canvas Amazon for cheaper deals, this one is the best buy for your money, with its superior performance in navigation. Even without a digital screen interface, people find it simple and easy enough to use. This robot vacuum cleaner features a unique design that allows it to pick up pet hair and other difficult debris, without getting clogged like other smart robot vacuums on the market.

Best for: Buyers on a budget looking for an easy to use, simple robot vacuum that still has great features.

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