Evolution Mint Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner Review

Purchasing a vacuum cleaner might seem like an easy task but once you see the numerous choices that are out there, an entirely new story develops. There are upright vac, handheld and canister vac and even the new “Everything You Need To Know About Robot Vacuums For Your Smart Home.” Unless you are a vacuum expert, determining which of these is best for your needs can be a challenge! With this in mind I set out on a mission to determine what vacuum cleaner really does the best job of cleaning floors while offering consumers a great value. I found that the Evolution Mint Automatic hard Floor cleaner won the battle hands down.

The Evolution Mint Hard Floor Cleaner is a dream come true for people that are sick of walking on half-clean floors!

Features Of The Evolution Mint Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner

When it is time to vacuum the floors most people let out a deep sigh. Sometimes it feels as if all of your efforts are for nothing as dirt and debris seems to do nothing more than move from one spot to the other. But not when you have the MintAutomatic in use. The machine works to remove all of the dirt from your floors quickly so you can move on to bigger and better things. It works perfect on bare floors, sweeping and mopping like a pro.

When you put the Evolution Mint to work it can clean up to 800 square foot of space in dry mode as well as 250 square foot when used in mop mode.. This space can be in a single room or even in adjacent rooms! Imagine how much time can be saved by simply hitting the switch and letting the machine do its job!

There are no cups or bags to change. There are no filters to change. Simple cleaning is what you get with the MintAutomatic. This means there is less mess and less work for you to do. That is something that anyone who has ever had to clean a house before can appreciate. These features alone make it a purchase well-worth every single penny that is spent for it.

This tiny device is so small at just 9.6 inches wide and 3.1 inches high. It is lightweight so that it can easily be moved to any location inside of the home with ease. The machine weighs only 6 pounds! Even a child can easily use the vacuum without hassle.

What’s Not To Love?

The Evolution MintAutomatic hard Floor Cleaner has so many things to love about the machine it leaves a good impression on everyone who comes in contact with it. Those who hate a loud, noisy vacuum will certainly appreciate how quite this cleaner is. You will probably not even know that it is on!

The cleaner provides powerful cleaning in a short time frame. And, it does all of the hard work for you- literally! Simply charge the battery, turn it on and away it goes, finding every single piece of dirt, every strand of pet hair and every speck of dust inside of your home. The vacuum is equipped with North Star Navigation Systems so that it can clean around furniture, rugs and more without damaging anything inside of your home. Honestly it is really cool just to watch the machine in action! It sucks it all up while you tend to other duties around the house. It is almost like having a maid at your service! And if that weren’t enough when the job is done the cleaner will automatically turn itself off!

Once you’ve fully charged the battery you can expect it to last about three hours. Take a look at the other machines on the market. Most cannot even think of competing with this amount of time!  You can easily clean the entire home in a short amount of time and with only one charge of the battery necessary!

What’s In The Box?

Your MintAutomatic purchase includes one floor cleaner, one North Star navigation Cube, 2 C batteries, 2 dry sweeper microfiber cloths, 1 wet microfiber cloth, a quick start guide, user manual and a power adapter. You also receive a one year warranty with the cleaner. Should the machine fail to meet your expectations during this time or malfunction in any way, the warranty keeps you protected.

How Much Does The Vacuum Cost?

Of course cost is always something that must be taken into consideration when making a purchase. This tiny little vacuum cleaner packs power and more, at a price of less than $200! And when you carefully select your purchase location you can be sure that you are always getting the best price for the cleaner.

What Are Others Saying?

When making any type of purchase it is always important to take advantage of reviews and customer testimonials. Learning from others what to expect in your vacuum cleaner can help you make the purchase with confidence. The Evolution Robotics MintAutomatic hard Floor Cleaner is one that is loved by so many. Take a look at what some people had to say.

  • “I must say I am impressed with this little guy.”
  • “This is probably the best purchase we’ve ever made in a cleaner.”
  • “The Evolution Mint still amazes me.”
  • “Simply fabulous.”
  • “Great little helper around the house.”

On Amazon this vacuum received a 4.2 out of 5 stars.

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