Comparing the 10 Best Car Vacuums for Keeping Your Car Clean in 2020

No matter what year it is, there are few things as satisfying as sitting in a perfectly clean car. But getting in and around the nooks and corners of your car to clean it can be tricky, which is why you need a suitable car vacuum that can get the job done quickly and easily. While just about any vacuum can do given the right conditions, some are better suited than others, like cordless hand vacuums, for example. Of course, there are many corded tools that do great, and sometimes even better jobs, too. However, that decision is entirely up to you. To help you choose between the different car vacuums, here is a list of what we consider this years 10 best car vacuum cleaners.

cleaning car with vacuum cleaner
In order to keep your car interior clean and to prevent dirt and grime from settling into materials, it’s crucial to pick the right vacuum for the job.

1. Black & Decker Auto Pivot Vac PAV1200W Corded Bagless Handled

One of the top hand vacs for car cleaning, this cordless vacuum features a nozzle that adjusts to reach awkward and hard-to-reach spots. It has good suction, is extremely portable and it comes with all sorts of attachments, such as a brush and crevice tool for all the spaces in your car. Bagless and with a 16-foot cord that can plug right into your car, this pivot vacuum is super portable and you’ll never have to worry about preserving battery life, leaving you free to clean unhindered. Priced at just under $70 on Amazon, this corded handheld could very well be all that you need for easy car cleaning. The only real downside is that its only a dry vacuum, so it doesn’t clean up wet spills, but this doesn’t stop the Black & Decker PAV1200W from being one of the best corded car vacuum cleaners.


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2. Black & Decker CHV1410L 16V Cordless Bagless Handheld

Another one by Black & Decker, this 16-volt lithium cordless dustbuster hand vac catches your eye almost as much as it does dirt and dust. Even more affordable, at just $50 on Amazon, this easy-to-love, cordless lithium hand vac is a best seller on the market. It offers great performance for your money, giving you about 20 minutes of cleaning time with its 15.2 air watts of strong, powerful suction. Its total charging time is about 4 hours. This neat and pretty car vacuum cleaner also comes with the crevice tool and brush tool attachments. The only real downside is that this makes a ridiculous amount of noise, which doesn’t affect its good performance for spot cleaning, though. Nonetheless, the Black and Decker CHV1410L 16 volt cordless car vacuum could be everybody’s go-to choice. Click here to see the current best price on Amazon…

3. Armor All Utility Vac AA2555 Car Vacuum

Not your typical hand vac, this portable car vacuum cleaner is a little 2.5-gallon canister vac that offers some extremely powerful suction. Considered one of the best car vacuums, you can use this Armor All AA255 utility wet and dry, it has a cord length of 10-ft and it comes complete with all the attachments and accessories necessary for fully cleaning the interior of your vehicle. Plus, not only does it vacuum, you can set it to blow, too. Despite its huge storage tank and 2 horse-powered suction power capacity, this car cleaner features an efficient and compact design, making it perfect for onboard storage. Priced at anywhere from $40 – $50 on Amazon, this product is probably the best car vacuum cleaner for you to clean your car, upholstery, floors and all. Click here to check the current price on Amazon…

4. Black & Decker Bdh2000pl Max Lithium Pivot Vacuum 20V

By now, you should be able to tell that Black & Decker are the kings of handheld vacuums, as they’ve made the list again with this bagless cordless handheld vac. Probably one of the best cordless car cleaners yet, this elegant and versatile car vac has a nozzle that pivots to get to obscure and hard-to-reach spaces in your car. It uses cyclonic rotation to clean debris and dust, and has a high-performance motor that gives you more than enough suction power for cleaning your car. It features a 20V lithium-ion battery, along with a washable filter, onboard brush, on-board crevice tool and charging base. You can grab it on Amazon for just under $70, a little more than some other models by Black & Decker, but it’s still a corded handheld vacuum that is well worth the price and keeping around at home, too.

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5. Eureka EasyClean Corded Handheld Vaccum 71B

The Eureka corded hand vac makes the list simply because, according to many car vacuum cleaner reviews, it just makes cleaning your car feel effortless. Priced at under $45, this affordable hand vac features a 6 inch nozzle, rotating brush, hose and crevice tool for cleaning every space in your car. It’s excellent for pet owners looking to clean up pet hair and quickly clean up small messes in your car interior. According to user reviews on Amazon, the appliance is also rather quiet for a handheld, although it doesn’t fare well picking up large debris. We also review this excellent vacuum here on this site.

6. Bissell Cleanview Deluxe Corded Handheld Vacuum 47R51

Since the widespread commercialization of domestic vacuum cleaners, Bissell has been a number one product manufacturer of these cleaning appliance products. When it comes to vacuuming it all, as a handheld vacuum cleaning tool, Bissell delivers. It gets everything from pet hair to sizeable debris easily, due to its powerful 4-amp motor. You never have to worry about battery life with this one, as it uses an 18-ft long power cord. This corded, bagless handheld vacuum uses a HEPA media filter, which is a big reason why you may want to consider buying a Cleanview, for people who have allergies or certain sensitivities. Being lightweight at only 5 pounds, this Bissell comes with a 2-foot hose, crevice tool and wide-mouth, to accompany its powerful suction for a proper heavy-duty cleaning of your car’s interior. It’s very reasonably priced and anyone can have this amazing cleaning tool at home – or in their car. Click here to see the current price on Amazon…

7. Dirt Devil Scorpion Quick Flip Corded Bagless Handheld Vacuum SD20005RED

A super-compact tool, a lot of people consider the Dirt Devil SD20005red Scorpion great for the home, as well as for your car. Easy to keep in storage and extra lightweight, this is a tiny powerhouse of strong suction, thanks to 7 ampere motors. Equipped with a 16 ft long power cord and a quick flip feature, this is great for reach tough hard-to-access spaces in your car or home. Plus, it comes with accessories and attachments: quick flip crevice tool, hose, dusting brush and should strap. Priced at around $25, this is a no-sweat tool that is worth keeping in your arsenal of cleaning supplies. Judging by the rating it receives from buyers on Amazon, buying this particular hand vac is an easy decision to make without having to think too much about whether it will fit your needs.

Three More Amazing Car Vacuums

Before you run off and buy your next car vac, there are a few more vacs that could make the top 10 car vacuum cleaners for 2018. Although we won’t get into much detail about them here, they are worth mentioning.

8. Dyson V6 Trigger – Comfort and convenience so you can clean your car with style.

9. Hikeren 12V Black Car Vacuum Cleaner – Powerful suction in a mini handheld vacuum for under $20.

10. Metro Vacuum VM6BS500 Professional Performance Hand Vacuum – For a total car-cleaning, it comes equipped with every tool to do a professional cleaning job, for around $120.