Comparing the Best Vacuum Cleaners for Laminate Floors

When it comes to cleaning different types of flooring in your home, not all vacuums are created equal. Some vacuum cleaners, be it upright or canister vacuums, corded or cordless, etc., have advantages in certain areas over others. That’s why, before you go off and buy just any vacuum cleaning appliance for your home, it’s […]

Finding the Best Vacuum Cleaner for Cleaning Your Stairs in 2020

When it comes to vacuum cleaning challenges, few are as tedious or tricky as cleaning your stairs. Unlike nice, open spaces, stairways are generally narrow and steps are usually slim. Even though a good old power vac might be great for your main floors, the balancing act of moving along your staircase to clean can […]

Top 10 Best Vacuum Cleaners for Picking Up Pet Hair in 2020

cleaning pet hair cleaning pet hair

Whether you love dogs or cats, the truth is, you can’t escape the tyranny of pet hair from threatening the cleanliness of your home. That’s why, every good pet owner knows how important it is to choose the best vacuum for picking up pet hair and pet messes, like litter or food. If you love […]

Comparing the Best Vacuums for Tiled Floors 2020

If you’re a good homeowner, you know that the type of vacuum you choose to buy depends on the type of floor that you have – tiled, laminate or otherwise. When it comes to tiled floors, there are several types and different vacuums perform well for each. You may have ceramic, glass, porcelain, natural stone, […]

Common Vacuum Cleaner Problems and Their Solutions

Vacuum cleaners are appliances that if well-maintained, can last its user up to 7 or 8 years. A good, high-end vacuum may last even longer than that, stretching up to 12-15 years of use if the machine is properly cared for. Most vacuums come with some kind of warranty, some are as short and with […]

How To Fix Your Vacuum Cleaner When It Stops Working

When it comes to having a clean home, nothing is as convenient as an electric-powered machine with suction to eliminate dust and dirt for you, a vacuum cleaner. But what happens when your vacuum stops working? How do you fix vacuum cleaner? In a market where there is an ever-increasing number of flashy new appliances, […]

The Pros and Cons of Buying an Expensive Vacuum Cleaner

Pros cons expensive vacuum cleaner Pros cons expensive vacuum cleaner

Almost two decades into the new millennium, choosing what vacuum cleaner to purchase has never been a more difficult choice. Do you get a bagged or a bagless one? Do you buy a canister vacuum cleaner or an upright vacuum cleaner? Corded or cordless? Maximum features or minimal? The choices are many and the variety […]

The Best Brands for Handheld Vacuums

In an era of quick and easy, nothing makes cleaning as convenient as a cordless handheld vacuum cleaner. It’s the perfect quick cleaning tool for your home or vehicle, and makes a great addition to your artillery of cleaning appliances, to help you get the job done. But the modern vacuum cleaner market is saturated […]

The Pros and Cons of Buying a Cheap Vacuum Cleaner

In a world where we could shop without looking at a price tag, shopping would be a bliss and having the best vacuum cleaner for your home no matter the price would be on everyone’s list. However, in today’s fast-changing society, budget-wise and economic living is becoming more of a necessity. Although some of the […]

What Makes Dirt Devil Vacuums So Popular?

Although there are many vacuum cleaners in today’s markets, there are few that are as popular as Dirt Devil. Maybe it’s their image branding, with the stark red vacuum bodies and white logos that stick in our minds. Or perhaps it’s the fact that brand has actually been around since 1905, making it over 112 […]